01 march Happy New Year Veneto !


Happy New Year …. Veneto !
Today March 1 , according to the calendar which was in use in the Republic of Venice , began the new year .
For the current calendar in the Roman Empire and the Venetian Republic until 1582, January 1st did not correspond to the first day of the year and December 31 did not correspond to the last .
The year however ended in February and began in March.
It was a different way of counting the months , for example in the names of the months: September (seventh month from March ), October (eighth month starting from March ), November ( the ninth month of the year ) and December ( tenth month ) , followed by months of renewal and death ( January and February ) .
The Venetians transcribed in official documents both the old and the new dating order not to lose the tradition .
Yesterday , according to the Venetian calendar, February 29, 2015 was therefore the correct indication today would be : March 1, 2016 ” More Veneto ” ( ie , according to Venetian use) …
so today we wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR !