06 jan 2016 : Regata delle Befane


The January 6 2016 the traditional appointment with the cute “Regata delle Befane ” in Venice.it takes place every year  to celebrate Epiphany  is a Particular and happy challenge with the oars.
The departure is scheduled at 11.00 from  San Tomà to the Rialto and arrival.
It is a playful race between the old owners of the oldest rowing Company of the City, the Bucintoro.
On Venice’s Grand Canal, men dressed as old witches – ‘befane’ in Italian – race towards the Rialto Bridge, standing up as they row Venetian style.
They have to prove their strength and ability along the Canal Grande in a short but true rowing race, obviously in fancy dress, to win the flag  of the first regatta of the year. They use a typical venice boat “mascareta” with one oar.
The race, which takes about fifteen minutes, is followed by many rowing boats with pro athletes, Santas and other vessels with Befanas, in addition to a large audience of fans and onlookers who assists vogue from the start  but especially in proximity to arrival.
Rialto Bridge will be distributed hot chocolate, mulled wine and sweets, as well wish for a good day of Epiphany.