21 november Madonna della Salute Festivity

salute ponte

The Festa della Salute is probably the least “touristy”, and evokes a real popular religious sentiment. In 1630 the disease plague strikes again as the doge of Venice makes a vow to build a church called the Salute, asking for the intercession of the Virgin Mary to end pestilence. The project was entrusted to the young architect Baldassarre Longhena. His project responded perfectly to the grandeur the Serenissima wanted: a church that exalted the Holy Virgin and the Republic at the same time. The basilica was consecrated in 1687. To date, 21 November, thousands of people cross the votive bridge of boats and go on a pilgrimage to thechurch of Health to pay homage to the Madonna and to light a candle to intercede for their health. On this day, thousands of people parading in front of the main altar of the imposing Salute Church to perpetuate the long-standing tradition of giving thanks to the city and the Virgin Mary .
The Castradina, very tasty dish made with mutton, is the dish that is used to consume in Venice on the day of Health.