Easyjet airline in Venice

EasyJet will open a base at Venice Marco Polo Airport starting from April 2016. Since the early months of 2016 passengers departing from Venice can choose from 25 destinations, a greater number of options daily and especially new flights in the early morning dedicated to business traffic, to travel by day to the main Italian […]

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Venetian windows

  When you visit Venice you should look at the city from different perspectives. First of all walking : you don’t realize how many steps you do, how many bridges you cross, you just walk  through the little streets called “calli” meeting a lot of “campi” (little squares) surrounded by buildings  full of life and […]

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The Gondola

The gondola is the most well-known boat in the world: even people who have never been to Venice can immediately recognize its unique shape, the metal bow decoration and for the distinctive Venetian rowing style. Like all the other lagoon boats the gondola has a flat bottom which allows it to float in very shallow water. The most important characteristic of the […]

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