M9 the New Multimedia Museum in Mestre Venezia

Immerse yourself in a multimedia experience to visit the past, understand the present and conjure up the future.
The Fondazione di Venezia has given the city, Italy and the world a national museum so that the Italian people may get to know the century that most contributed to forging their modern identity in the conviction that knowledge is an indispensable starting point from which to design an individual and collective future.
Italy previously had no such museum.
By conceiving and creating the Museum of the 20th century (M9), the Fondazione di Venezia fills this gap and creates a place where Italians can not only rediscover where they come from but also understand how their rich but contradictory past helps build the future.
For Italy, perhaps more so than for other countries, the 20th century was that of the greatest contradictions: rapid and previously unthinkable improvements in the living conditions and wellbeing of the population occurred alongside huge tragedies such as the most destructive wars in historic memory and unprecedented economic recessions.
These developments and the devastation impacted profoundly on Italy’s living conditions, habits and culture well into the 21st century.
An area of 10,000 m² for a Mestre that is open and innovative because this too creates culture: offering  a shared space that is accessible to all and environmentally sustainable.
The design comprises a mix of functions, spaces and services that form a place of international appeal.
Featuring the widespread adoption of new communication, mobility, energy-efficiency and environmental technologies, M9 provides innovative services that will improve local quality of life.

Text taken from M9 website