The aperitif in Venice is called SPRITZ


The Spritz  is a alcoholic aperitif very popular in Venice made with the  Prosecco wine with addition of a liquor,(Such as Aperol, Campari or Select).
The name  derives from the German verb “spritzen”Spray,  the act of adding water to wine.
For many, in fact, Spritz was born during the period of the Hapsburg domination Veneto in ‘800.
The soldiers, but also the various merchants, diplomats and employees of the Habsburg Empire in Veneto , soon become accustomed to the use of local drinking wine in the tavern, but the gradation of wines was too high compared to the alcohol content which they were accustomed. Hence the request to preclude local sprinkle a little ‘water in wines (Spritzen, in german) to make them lighter. Spritz original, in fact, was strictly composed of sparkling white wine or red wine diluted with fresh water.
A first evolution Spritz arrived in the early 1900, when they began to spread the siphons for water Seltz. The soda, by definition, is a ‘very carbonated water that goes very well in cocktails.
Over the years the drink has “grown up” with the infinite variety of possible additions such as … spirit more or less strong: Aperol, Bitter, Select (Almost exclusively, the latter in the city of Venice) or a bitter black as the China Martini and the Cynar and a lemon peel, depending on your taste or simply squeezed immersed in the glass.
There is a unique composition for a spritz but variants towns, in turn interpreted freely by the bartenders, each with its own special preparation. The alcohol content is so variable but can be estimated on average 8 °. A common denominator among existing variations however is the presence of Prosecco e carbonated water or soda water, Which must be quantitatively at least 40% and 30%, the remaining 30% is completed by the most varied types of alcoholic beverages, Sometimes mixed with the unwritten rule to preserve the red color of the cocktail. To conclude the work of a slice of lemon or orange or a ‘olive and some cubes of ice and some cicheti.
Enjoy your venetian Spritz , coming from Venice Airport or Treviso Airport we can arrange your transfer to reach your hotel .