The Frittella : a must eat food while in Venice for Carnival

Venezia pastry shops are starting to prepare the “frìtole”
or the frittelle, an unmissable dessert of the Venetian Carnevale!
In ancient times frìtole were a real street food: they were prepared exclusively
by the “fritoleri”, who sold them on the street.
The fritoleri, a profession  handed down from father to son since the ‘600,
have disappeared from the streets  only at the end of’ 800.
Their secret recipe included flour, eggs, sugar, raisins and pine nuts, which kneaded
on large wooden tables, and then fry the mixture obtained.
Once cooked, the frìtole were sprinkled with sugar and placed on large plates,
ready to be consumed by passers-by.

Venice Carnival  2o18  from 27 january to 13 february