Venetian windows



When you visit Venice you should look at the city from different perspectives.
First of all walking : you don’t realize how many steps you do, how many bridges you cross, you just walk  through the little streets called “calli” meeting a lot of “campi” (little squares) surrounded by buildings  full of life and history!
Try to have a look to the different windows of the Venetians buildings , there are such different types .
Windows located in the narrow calli facing other palaces seems they try  to get more light as possible .
During the night the windows have a protection from the light  called “scuri” (shutter).
Along the Grand Canal you can enjoy the most beautiful palaces with different kind of windows .
The search of  light is also evident on the regularity of the palaces, those who designed the profiles of the city with the finesse of a lace.
In Venice, the windows face everywhere from rooftops, bordering water, open into any wall that offers promising exposure .
Often, especially in tiny building , their distribution on the facades is so irregular that it seems the negation of any logical: instead the logic is always there, and respects the irregularities inside the houses.
The windows of the buildings, the canals or in the fields, are explosions of light, they seem to capture sunrises and sunsets for transmission inside, on stucco walls, painted ceilings, terrazzo floors, lacquered doors, carved furniture.