Carnival of Venice 2016  : 23 january  to  09 february 

Are you coming in  Venice during  the Venetian Carnival ?
you can’t miss the exquisite typical Carnival specialty: the venetian frittella!
In the Serenissima times frittelle were produced and sold by the “fritoleri”.
Today every coffee and pastry shops turn out freshly home made frittelle, traditional sweets which are the symbol of the Venetian Carnival…Venetian frittelle are easy to prepare …and delicious to taste!
Any party during the Carnival of Venice can not miss sweets and delicacies of Venetian tradition as the frittelle.
In Venice ” fritola ” it was considered almost a national dessert during the Serenissima .
To produce fritole were ” fritoleri ” , at the same time producers and sellers of fritters .
In Venice during the celebrations of Carnival can be found everywhere , pastry shops and bakeries  , the sweets of this festival : frittelle , symbols of Carnival .
Tasting these traditional specialties of Venetian cuisine is a must to Carnival , perhaps accompanying them with a good hot coffee or hot chocolate on cold nights in February or with a fresh , sparkling prosecco , a Venetian wine ideal as an aperitif or with dessert.